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Publish Date: 12:56 - 29 January 2017

Four Shipwrecks Found Off Queensland

Archaeologists have discovered four 150-year-old shipwrecks off the coast of Queensland, and they hope that the find will yield new clues about shipping in Australia’s pre-Federation era. The wrecks are about 270 nautical miles offshore on the Kenn Reefs, a string of atolls that mark the mid-point between Queensland and New Caledonia.

Four Shipwrecks Found Off Queensland
According to MANA, The sunken vessels are far from the first discovered at that location: the submerged coral heads have claimed at least nine other ships, and in the Age of Sail the area was well known for its danger.
Most of the shipwrecks found along the reef are from 19th century trading vessels on their way north to Jakarta, India and as far away as England.
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