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Publish Date: 12:11 - 28 January 2017

A Remarkable Change in Iran 's Bunkering Industry

The managing director of Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line (IRISL) stated: what happens by opening Qeshm Star Bunkering project is a beginning to obtain the value added existing in the bunkering stations of the vessels in the region.

A Remarkable Change in Iran
In the inauguration ceremony of Qeshm Star Bunkering Project, Dr. Mohammad Saeedi asserted that currently, we are dwelling at a bright point in Iran's history, thanks to the strategic management of the supreme leader and the president as well as the tactfulness of the executive system, MANA correspondent reported.
Making a reference to the post-JCPOA era , he continued: we must utilize this new opportunity for offering more effective and beneficial services.
The IRISL director also stated: what happens by opening this project is a beginning to obtain the value added existing in the bunkering stations of the vessels in the region.
Proposing that the development of bunkering industry is a significant IRISL policy in the post-JCPOA era, Dr. Saeedi stressed that his organization is attempting to meet the needs of both Iran and the region, thanks to its coordination with Geshm Free Zone 
Saeedi pointed out to the capabilities of IRISL as the largest fleet in the region, and added: this national line could play a paramount role in improving and promoting country 's trade exchanges.
Counting selling goods at the most appropriate time and price as an indicator of smart goods transit management, this official continued: the necessity for the development of bunkering capacity in Qeshm has been stipulated in Sixth National Development Plan, hence, with the cooperation and participation of Qeshm Free Zone, IRISL makes all its attempts to increase the capacity of bunkering up to 500.000 tons in this region.
Saeedi further stated: thanks to the sanctions removal and the execution of JCPOA, 17  major world shipping lines are sailing to Iranian Ports regularly.
Considering the new conditions and inauguration of bunkering project in Qeshm, he added: a golden opportunity has been provided for Islamic Republic of Iran to supply the necessary fuel for the vessels which travel in the Persian Gulf.
Referring to that post-JCPOA opportunities have led Iran to thrive and experience a shining point of its history, head of the board at IRISL remarked: over 85 percent of Iran ‘s trade is currently being done through sea, as a result, IRISL could be regarded as a key player in this regard.
IRISL director also proposed: Right now, we do not face any restrictions in international transportation, and IRISL could continue its activities everywhere just like any other shipping line.
IRISL has expanded its direct lines from Persian Gulf to East Asian , and on the other hand, it has also revived the Persian Gulf-Europe line,which was terminated at the sanctions era, according to Saeedi. 
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