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Publish Date: 17:24 - 24 January 2017

LNG Shipping Companies See Stronger Rates

Financial analysts are predicting that LNG shipping companies will see stronger rates driven by higher demand in 2017, with further gains on tap next year.

LNG Shipping Companies See Stronger Rates
According to MANA, Both Chappell and Mavrinac released updated 2017 LNG shipping spot rate outlooks and introduced 2018 forecasts. Mavrinac estimated that LNG spot rates would rise 46% this year, to an average of USD45,000/day, then increase 16% in 2018 to USD52,000/day.
Chappell differentiated his rate outlook by vessel type, with older first-generation steam-powered carriers on one end of the spectrum and the new tri-fuel, diesel engine (TFDE) vessels on the other. He estimated that TFDE vessel spot rates in 2017 will rise 43% year on year to USD50,000/day, then increase another 20% in 2018 to USD60,000/day. In contrast, he believes 2017 spot rates for first-generation vessels will rise 34% year on year to USD27,500/day, then 27% to USD35,000/day the following year. 
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