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Publish Date: 10:15 - 27 December 2016

Tar Sands Oil may Threaten Ocean Environment

There 15 types of threathen which endanger the ocean environment

Tar Sands Oil may Threaten Ocean Environment
According to MANA, a global analysis, claimed by researchers involved as the first of its kind, has considered the footprint of existing and proposed oil sands developments and coastal transport routes, and revealed 15 different types of stress to ocean environments.
The stresses range from oil spills and ship-animal collisions to ocean acidification and temperature increases caused by climate change, with oil sands products contributing more greenhouse gas per barrel than light crude oil throughout its lifecycle.
Bitumen, a tar-like fuel extracted from oil sands in Canada and elsewhere, is often stored in coastal areas and transported by ship.Although a great deal of research has focused on the effects of conventional oil spills, little information exists about potential impacts from spills of unconventional oil derived from the bitumen extracted from oil sands.
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