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Publish Date: 14:25 - 19 December 2016
The Execution of JCPOA:

A Chance for Resuming Relationship with Iran

MANA reporter has managed to run an interview with Malte Meisch, sales manager of C. Steinweg (Süd-West Terminal) in Hamburg port. in the following, a brief account of the interview will be accessed.

A Chance for Resuming Relationship with Iran


With reference to the lifting of sanctions and the execution of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), how do you evaluate the ways for further cooperation in the field of maritime transportation between Iran and Germany?

Having been active for IRISL-Group long before the implementation of sanctions, C. Steinweg Hamburg can look back on long-lasting experiences in the Iranian market related to logistical and trading issue.

After The lifting of sanctions and the execution of JCPOA, ways have been paved for further cooperation between Iran and Germany. 

The experiences along with the extensive IRISL-network and personal visits to Iranian companies allow us to deepen existing partnerships and to analyze further potential co-operations in the maritime sector.

In your perspective, what are the most paramount achievements of the recent trip of Germany's transport minister to Iran?

Complying to the general necessity of resuming relationships on both the political and industrial sectors and the mutual exchange of expectations and requirements during delegation meetings, as this certainly results in regaining confidence between Iran and Germany.

In the recent trip of Germany's transport minister to Iran, several memorandum of understanding (MOU) were also signed. 

What capacities and privileges may the Iranian ports have in common with the foreign partners? 

The actual world-wide developments and consolidations in maritime business segments affecting port operations, can partially be compared to the restrictions and experiences of Iranian ports during the sanction period. Either party could benefit by exchanging the implemented different measures to keep their respective market shares.



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