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Publish Date: 11:17 - 29 November 2016
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intensive training course for MLC inspectors

The first 3-day intensive training course for MLC inspectors was held for the group of inspectors and, technical managers , masters and ships officers from on 23-25 November 2016 at Asia training center , Tehran.

intensive  training course for MLC inspectors According to MANA, This 3-day intensive course aimed to provide deep understanding MLC with regard to the preparation of the MLC, 2006, and at providing a unified approach to the Convention in terms of the content interpret the content of the MLC, 2006 and its implementation on-board; background, objectives, principles and impact of the MLC, 2006, implementation including national provision, international guidelines and standards relevant to MLC requirements , certification and practical guidance on how to undertake an inspection relating to maritime labour issues , and dealing with seafarers complaint .
“In order to evaluate applicants, we use the standard format of ILO training center. It was an inclusion of formative assessment techniques in the class and takes a variety of forms practice; participation (quizzes, group work and presentation in the class, and the final exam includes the four multiple-choice tests and two writing questions." Said Mohammad Vaferi, the Official trainer of Maritime Labor Convention in Iran, certified by ILO training center (ITC). He added" I humbly would like to express my gratitude to ACS for their trust and continuing support to offer a wide range of MLC courses for different group of applicants. It was a joyful time ended hand in hand with congratulations to the attendees who completed the course successfully through this tough learning program which aimed to lead MLC inspectors to a continuing progress and deep understanding of maritime convention , enhancing professional judgment with obtaining the required inspection skills."
Finally, 13 qualified inspectors is the first group who are expected to establish a pool of knowledge to perform an especial role to improve MLC implementation in both organization and national level.
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