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Publish Date: 09:47 - 16 November 2016

Strike to hit Sweden's Gothenburg Port

Swedish port workers in the city of Gothenburg are set to go on strike on Tuesday after negotiations between unions and employers failed, a union representative said.

Strike to hit Sweden
The strike will likely hit trading hard since the Gothenburg port handles over half of Sweden's container traffic, MANA correspondent reported. 
The Swedish Dockworkers' Union said on its home page that a series of periodic strikes, which are expected to bring operations to a standstill while carried out, would be held from Tuesday at 1300 GMT through Friday.
Union members are demanding better working conditions and a healthier working environment.
Additionally, in case the dispute drags on, SDU asked dockworkers around the world “to consider all legal and viable actions in your home countries and ports against Maersk containers, Maersk vessels, and Maersk terminals to increase the economic cost the Maersk Group bites for maintaining their current anti-union policies in Gothenburg.”
It is worth mentioning that Gothenberg Port is Scandinavia's largest port.
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