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Publish Date: 13:31 - 09 September 2016
In the Sanctions era

China Supported Iranian Fleet

I take this opportunity to review of IRISL activities and fundamental role in the past few years , Captain Farshad Shahbaz stated in the first Economic Opportunities Conference in Shanghai, China.

China Supported Iranian FleetThere was a plan by western governments: the ports and shipping routes to IRAN should be closed down. From 2008 onwards the national lines of IRAN entered a War . 
Anyone who has business in any form with all IRISL GROUP of Companies to be punished .
Tough days started for our shipping line; money transfer, bank activities, purchasing of spare parts and fuel oil and engine oil could not be carried out, international insurance companies refused to work with us ; our old customers day by day left us and so on.
But in this un-even war there was a country that once again showed its historical support to us, yes it was CHINA and its lovely people who generously helped us.
Thank you very much.
There were Men in IRISL that did not let their company to fail and stayed shoulder to shoulder of their loyal customers. That is why after these tough days, IRISL Group stronger than before is announcing again that we are here to help you , we are the most reliable and stable and responsible shipping line for all of you, who trade between china and Iran.
IRISL china (E-Sail shipping co. ltd) regional office with the help of strong Chinese partners in all Chinese ports and professional staffs, has developed a strong bridge and network to answer immediate needs of our customers.
I would like to thank all Chinese Governors in related shipping industries that did not leave us alone in tough times, and also to request the Esteemed and respectful Governors who are present and hear my voice to help all Iranian traders and investors to enjoy freely and completely from CHINESE BANKING SERVICES.
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