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Publish Date: 15:58 - 04 September 2016

Shenzhen Port to Adopt Low-Sulfur Regulation

China's Shenzhen port is set to to adopt requirements for ships at berth requiring to burn marine fuel with sulfur content not exceeding 0.5 percent starting October this year.

Shenzhen Port to Adopt Low-Sulfur Regulation
The move follows that of other ports in the Yantze River Delta such as Shanghai, Ningbo-Zhoushan, Suzhou and Nantong, which have been limiting emissions, MANA correspondent reported.
As the world 3rd largest port for containers, the problem of vessel emission pollution is quite serious in Shenzhen. 
Based on preliminary data, the vessels at Shenzhen Port have used heavy oil in 2014 that emitted about 11.6% PM, 12.4% NOX and 65.5% SO2 of the total emissions in Shenzhen. 
Container vessels contribute most to emissions, accounting for 74% of total vessel emissions. 
By the end of July, 23 shipping companies with a total of 185 container vessels have committed to using low-sulfur fuel when at berth. Shenzhen Port now has 10 berths equipped with shore power facilities, the one that has the most berths with share power facilities nationwide.
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