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Publish Date: 10:27 - 22 April 2016

A Ground-Breaking Record for Caspian Sea Shipping

Khazar Sea Shipping director announced that the total tonnage of the goods transported by the fleet possessed by this shipping reached 208,452 tons in the period of March 20th to April 19th.

A Ground-Breaking Record for Caspian Sea Shipping Aliakbar Ghonji stated to MANA correspondent that Khazar Sea Shipping set a record of 29.8 % of increase in the mentioned period compared to the last year. He further stated that the periodic repairs and maintenance of a 2650-ton liner practically pushed it out of its operational state; despite this, the total tonnage of the transported goods, import travels, export travels and chartering from March 20th to April 19th depicted an increase compared to the similar period in 2015.
Khazar Sea Shipping director also announced that the total tonnage of the goods transported by this shipping's fleet from March 20th to April 19th 2015 summed to 160,571 tons; yet it reached an amazing and new record of 208,452 tons in the same period this year.
In the container section, he added, the amount of conveyance the possessed containers increased as much as 8 times. This was done in the light of marketing and expanding container transport in the region by the Khazar Sea Shipping. In order to expand exports in Northern Iranian ports, Ghonji also pointed out, Khazar Sea Shipping has opted for a customer-oriented approach based on CRM. By holding several meetings with the goods owners, merchants and businessmen, Khazar Sea Shipping has concentrated all its efforts and abilities to ease exports processes.
With reference to the national interests and by considering action-based resistance economy thoughts and exquisite emphasis of the senior management of IRI Shipping Lines, Khazar Sea Shipping director explained that his organization intends to stabilize and optimize the maritime transportation fares. Stating that the new policy is meant to lead Khazar Sea Shipping toward the above-mentioned objectives, Ghonji added that fixed fares will reduce the final price of the goods and will create a competitive atmosphere for exports customers in the target markets. Ghonji emphasized that his organization will make any effort it can to implement this.

Further to the strategic policies to increase the total transported tonnage of his shipping, Ghanji counted one of the most common techniques among large maritime transportation enterprises to be using rented ships, in a way that prominent shipping lines usually transport approximately 40% of their tonnage by their rented fleet.

In this regard, he continued, Khazar Sea Shipping has adopted the application of rented fleet as one of its main strategic policies in the chartering department. This department reported a 98-time increase (9800 %) from March 20th to April 19th this year in comparison with the same period in 2015. Finally, Khazar Sea Shipping director stressed that the increase in the transported tonnage has undoubtedly promoted the share of this shipping in Caspian Sea region.
Regarding goods transit, he asserted, Khazar Sea Shipping believes it could not only meet the domestic needs, but it could also cater to a real share of the international market need in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Black Sea region. Thus Khazar Sea Shipping will endeavor to stabilize its position in the goods transit route from source to destination.
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