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Publish Date: 15:06 - 03 July 2016

India to adopt new berthing policy

INDIA will put in place a new berthing policy for dry bulk cargo for its major ports to improve trade and boost efficiency, the government said today.

India to adopt new berthing policyAccording to MANA,The Ministry of Shipping formulated the new policy which will come into effect from August 20, the government statement said. It will be implemented at India's 12 major ports which handle around 62% of the country's total cargo traffic.
The new policy seeks to provide a standardized framework for calculation of performance norms, specific to the commodity handled and the infrastructure available on the berth.
Most international ports use performance norms and penalties linked to those norms to improve the overall productivity of operations. Currently, however, performance norms in many Indian major ports are not being used optimally to improve productivity. Furthermore, there is no standardized and systematic method for arriving at norms for different commodities.
The new berthing policy aims to design norms to boost productivity and achieve near-design capacity of the available equipment and infrastructure. At present, in ports where norms have been prescribed, it has been observed that they do not utilise the entire capacity of the best available equipment on berth, the statement said.
The new norms, therefore, will reduce berthing time and overall turnaround time of ships and also drive higher cargo throughput using the available infrastructure in the major ports.
They will improve utilization of port assets and create additional capacity without any significant capital investment and increase the competitiveness of the Major Ports by creating value for the trade through reduced logistics cost.
Dry bulk cargo currently makes up over 26% of the cargo handled at India's major ports.
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