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Publish Date: 19:14 - 06 December 2016

1st International Fisheries & Seafood Industry Exhibition held in Iran

The 1st International Fisheries & Seafood Industry Exhibition of Iran by the permission of the TPO, is being held from 6th to 9th Dec. 2016 in The Tehran Int’l Permanent Fairground.

 1st International Fisheries & Seafood Industry Exhibition held in IranThe exhibition holds 55 exhibitors including 8 fisheries and sea food companies from Turkey, China, Italy and Greece apart from Iranian companies.
Dr. Salehi, the Deputy Minister of Jihad-e Agriculture and the Head of Iran Fisheries Organization (SHILAT), in an exclusive interview with MANA stated that exhibition is of great importance although another fisheries aquaculture and fisheries industries exhibition was held in October in Iran. in fact, he believes that hese are the initial steps to move forward with sea food industry in Iran.
He also asserted that Iran is highly potential for foreign investors especially in the farming of various kinds of fish including caviar, shrimps, and tilapia along with cage fish farming, cold-water fish species.
The Deputy Minister of Jihad-e Agriculture and the Head of Iran Fisheries Organization stated that there is a considerable number of the investors who have moved forward in this field in Iran both in north and south of Iran.
The product groups in this exhibition include Manufacturers and distributors of fishing equipment, Producers and providers of aquatics maintenance equipment, Processing of fishery products, producers and providers of seafood, proliferators and producers of baby fish Producers and providers of refrigeration systems and equipment manufacturers and providers of machinery and equipment for water purification, packaging industries, producers of fish feed and farmed aquatic food, manufacturers of transportation equipment and transfer of aquatics and products, aquatics breeders, manufacturers of ornamental fish farming industries and machineries and aquarium equipment, providing fishing equipment and services (recreational), marine related sub industries, related veterinary and sanitary equipment and service and related organizations, unions, and press.
The goals of this exhibition are declared as follows.
Creating a good environment for collaboration and investment, particularly foreign investors in the country's fisheries industry
Supplying the country’s capabilities in the field of fisheries and aquaculture
Preparing good infrastructure to export fishery products and aquaculture
Creating a balance between resources and beneficiaries in the fishing areas, and presenting its latest achievements
Strengthen, educate and promoting the use of aquaculture
Creating more jobs in the fishing industry of the country
Promoting optimal patterns for seafood consumption
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